Electronic Systems and Telecommunications, S.A.

Systems Integrator, in the Electronics Industry, Telecommunications and Security

SETELSA is one of the leading companies in the Security sector, Energy Efficiency Management, and also in the Industrial and Transportation field. In the Security field, we have got the capacity to elaborate our own products, in hardware as well as in software, placing ourselves as a reference inside the sector.



SETELSA is sympathetic towards current energetic saving trends, we are also aware of people and assets security inside buildings. For this very reason we design and integrate security systems resulting in intelligent buildings management.



Supervision Systems and Train Units Control: EC-IO, On-board Systems of Information to passengers, CCTV (Surveillance Video).

SistemasCogeneracion Industrial And Energy Management

In the car industry area: Computerized Test Banks. In the Electronic World: Telemetry System and remote control. In the Environment: Automation of cogeneration systems.

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