Installation Control


The Scada software (” Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition” ) designed by Setelsa is a system that provides the user with the supervision of any field device and allows easy handling and storage of data with a client-server architecture.


  • Design screens with intuitive and realistic elements that change their appearance depending on their status using graphics (jpg , SVG , BMP, WMF )
  • Three-tier architecture , SCADA server, database server and client
  • Thin client without installing special libraries
  • Fast refresh time and performance of external devices ( 500msg )
  • User flexibility to modify controls, displays , points and privileges.
  • Registration of measurements, alarms and operator actions
  • Web client only needs a browser to access from any terminal to application
  • Reports in different formats ( pdf , xls , csv, qrp , txt ) data allowing to generate cross tables
  • Trend charts allowing quick analysis of the measures contained.
  • Customer Communication TCP / IP server with optimized network traffic . The only customer demand at all times the information displayed.
  • Single database Access ( max.100 tags), SQL Server (recommended ) , Oracle
  • Sending SMS messages to numbers selected alarm messages system
  • Modem communication with external devices located at another facility.

Server Requirements:

  • Supported operating systems : WindowsXP , 2003, Vista , Windows 7
  • Disk space 80GB
  • Minimum CPU Pentium 4
  • Minimum memory 2GB
  • Network Card 10/100 / 1000Mbps with TCP / IP

Architecture, main features:

-Plant control with local clients , Web and SMS.
-Centralized storage of data processed by the server.
-Quick Setup and installation of the system adapting to customer needs and user permissions.
-Client server architecture without working with high performance equipment.
-Single database for easy maintenance ensuring data integrity and quick restoration project.

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